battle horses series

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"Battle Horse" - The branch off, of the series "Systems and Mechanisms" There was always a part of my glass engraving which could be sensed almost figurative, or at least semi figurative. Since I have found new solutions to colour applications, new possibilities appeared. Shading the colours is one of them, where cameo glass first comes to mind, as an example. "Battle Horse " series is the beginning of more figurative approach in my engraving. The theme of the horse is a logical and conscious choice. The horse was probably human's first machine. My previous series "Systems and Mechanisms" was exploring the symbiotical possibilities of nature and the human creations, machines. One could see such connections in everyday`s live now, genetic engineering is one of them.

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Size: 17"

Size: 15.5"

Size: 17"

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Size: 16"

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