four seasons

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Nature is an endless source of inspiration.
Four Seasons series is a study of colours, how they work together, what the relationship is and what the impact on each other is at a certain time of the year and a certain time of the day. The simplicity of the cylinder form helps to focus directly on colours and light.

four-seasons-fall-small (3K) four-seasons-winter-small (1K) four-seasons-summer-small (2K) zwiastun1 (3K)

Size: high 15"and 9"

Size: high 16"

Size: high 15"and 12"

Size: 17.5" higher one

4seasons-orange (4K) pory (4K) 4seasonsflatbrown (4K) mechanizm (4K)

Size: high 11.5"

Size: high 16"and 15"

Size: high 13.5"

Size: 18.25" higher one

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